LCSD x Hong Kong Railway Museum -《煙》Smoke (2021)

Smoke title Image

for two violins

Programme Notes

Immersed in the fog of time and the dulcet sound of violin in the Hong Kong Railway Museum alone, violinist Patrick Yim plays a violin duet, embarking on a self-discovery journey. You are invited to join him and to look back and reflect in the introspective music notes. Let the duet guide you to bid farewell to your past and start a new journey. Perhaps you may find another one who understands your music?

Honolulu-born violinist Patrick Yim is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Music at Hong Kong Baptist University and Guest Music Director of the Collegium Musicum Hong Kong. He is an active violin player who has performed at renowned venues around the globe. Composer, multimedia artist and lecturer at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Austin Yip’s works investigate the relationship between literature and sound, as well as the meaning of connotation and denotation through musical and visual means, receiving numerous accolades.

Performing Partners: Patrick Yim and Austin Yip
Concept / Composer | Austin Yip
Concept / Violin | Patrick Yim

Featured at HKETOUSA, see here

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