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Eurydice: Le Ballet de la Nuit

Synopsis 概要

Based on the plot of Louis XIV’s Ballet de la Nuit (1653), Eurydice (2017) is a modern realisation of the fourth watch of the 13-hours’ work. This part of the ballet is based on the Greek mythology of Orpheus and Eurydice, who loved each other but failed to end happily. The text in Eurydice is recited by a female vocal artist, in which she recites all the male and female roles, including the Companion of Orpheus, Hamadryads, the three Graces, and Eurydice. This monologue, aside from having a dramatic multiple personae effect, is a reciprocation to the 17th century’s cross-casting tradition, when female roles were often played by men–an example would be Louis XIV playing the wine-loving Bacchante in Ballet des Fêtes de Bacchus (1651) before he reached his full adult maturity.

改編自路易十四世的《夜芭蕾》 (1653) 第四選段,《尤麗黛絲》(2017)是一部十三小時現代舞劇作品的其中一部份。故事取材希臘神話中的尤麗黛絲和奧菲斯相愛而不能棲宿的愛情悲劇。《尤麗黛絲》內的角色,不論男、女角,一概由女聲誦讀,包括奧菲斯的同伴,樹靈芙,美惠三女神和尤麗黛絲。

採用一人飾演多角的獨白,而不是多角配聲的戲劇表達手法,是對十七世紀的反串演出傳統的一種回應。當時,女角大多由男性扮演,其中一個例子是路易十四在他擁有成熟的男子聲線前,曾粉墨飾演 Ballet des Fêtes de Bacchus (1651) 中嗜酒如命的女角巴克斯。 
This 11-movements hour-long work Eurydice (2017) is composed for the collective dance film project, Le Ballet de la Nuit, curated by the Centre de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne (France), with 12 other composers and 13 screendance artists from around the world. The screendance of Eurydice (2017) is filmed by Brazilian artists Indira Brígido and Ariel Volkova. Inspired by Eurydice, Hong Kong poet Ho Ying Yi has written several poems to lament for Eurydice.

長達一小時的作品《尤麗黛絲》(2017)原為Le Ballet de la Nuit 的企劃而作,此企劃集各地的十三位作曲家以及十三位視像編舞者之大成,由法國 Centre de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne策劃。 《尤麗黛絲》(2017)的舞蹈影片由巴西舞蹈家IndiraBrígido和Ariel Volkova執導及主演。本唱片亦收納香港詩人何映宜為尤麗黛絲的死所寫的詩。

  1. Prologue 肇端
  2. Episode Ia: Dialogue… 竊語
  3. Episode Ib: …of Orpheus and the Hamadryads 奧菲斯與樹靈芙
  4. Episode II: Passacaglia of Orpheus 奧菲斯的狂歌
  5. Episode III: Eurydice 尤麗黛絲
  6. Episode IV: Chorus of The Graces: Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosyne 美惠三女神之聚
  7. Episode V: Dance of Dryads, Eurydice and One of the Graces 逐舞
  8. Episode VI: The Death of Eurydice 尤麗黛絲之死
  9. Episode VII: Dryads and Apollo 樹靈與阿波羅
  10. Episode IX: The Tears of Orpheus 奧菲斯之淚
  11. Epilogue 終章


  1. Violin: Mark Hui, Jonathan Yuen; Viola: Chris Choi; Cello: Joe Chan; Narration: Ho Ying Yi
  2. Violin: Mark Hui, Jonathan Yuen; Viola: Chris Choi; Cello: Joe Chan
  3. Narration: Ho Ying Yi
  4. Romer String Quartet; Narration: Ho Ying Yi
  5. Violin: Mark Hui, Jonathan Yuen; Viola: Chris Choi; Cello: Joe Chan

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