*For music unlisted here, you may either send me a message at the “contact me” page, or send a request through Donemus, they will be available soon.*


Here is Wind, There is Tree, But They Never Meet: for 36-reed Sheng, Pipa and Guzheng (2020)

Violin Concerto No.1: Generation: version for violin and piano (2019)

Violin Concerto No.1: Generation: version for violin and symphonic band (2019)

Omega: for violin (2019)

Marimba Concerto No.1: Road Business: for solo marimba and percussion quintet (2019)

Halt Fail: for saxophone quartet (2018)

Miles Upon Miles: for violin and electronics (2018)

Victoria Impression: for timpani, percussion and string quartet (2018)

String Quartet No.5: Time Motor: for string quartet (2017)

The Emperor’s Soliloquy: for guitar and alto sax (2017)

Urban Construction: for two vibraphones and two marimbas (2017)

Zerstreutes Hinausschaun: for soprano sax, alto sax and orchestra (2017)

Metamorphosis: for orchestra (2016)

String Quartet No.2: Territory: for string quartet (2015)

Interstice: for string quartet (2015)

Die Lian Hua: for flute (2013)


String Quartet No.1: BE: for string quartet (2015)

Concrete: for alto saxophone and piano (2015)

Resonantia: for percussion quartet (2012)

A Mournful Cry: for guzheng (2011)

Resonance from the Far East: for violin and piano (2011)

Resonance of the Cornerless: for tam-tam (2010)


Kangding Love Song, in “Piano Mix 2”, for piano