Category: videoart

Philosophy ONE – microsecond (2018/2020)

for electronics and video Included in TransCultural Exchange’s “Hello World” project. See here under “sound” Radio Broadcast BBC Radio 3 (UK) – Late Junction, 11pm, 30 August 2018. Co-Op Radio 100.5FM (Vancouver, Canada) – Soundscapes, 9pm, 4 July 2018. Fresh Art International (US) – Podcasts on multi-platforms, 10am, 25 July,

Project: Abstract Picasso – Crying Woman (2019)

videoart for all Programme Notes Dots and lines are often regarded as the most important element to drawing. When this idea is applied to language, we can imagine how words are broken into syllables, or even into smaller fragments. This work attempts to recreate Picasso’s Crying Woman in a more

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