Category: Electroacoustic

《花月》Moonlit (2019) 

For pipa, piano and electronics Commissioned by Linda Yim Premiered on 1 September, 2019 at Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall 張瑩|琵琶 Zhang Ying, Pipa 嚴翠珠|鋼琴 Linda Yim, Piano

《思緒之內》Inside the Mind of… (2020)

for violin, electronics, EEG device and videoperformed by Patrick Yim Premiered during MacDowell National Benefit on 19 October 2020 Programme Notes “Inside the Mind of…” was drafted during my residency as a response to elderly’s dementia, and itwas completed during summer 2020 in Hong Kong. The work requires pre-recorded violin

《虛空之下》Underneath//Emptiness (2020)

for clarinet, violin, cello, piano, electronics and video Programme Notes Commissioned by Unheard-of//Ensemble, “Underneath//Emptiness” is inspired by the sound heard in Hong Kong MTR/ New York Subway trains and stations, two of the world’s busiest underground transit system. I have always been fond of sounds heard underground, perhaps it was

Philosophy ONE – microsecond (2018/2020)

for electronics and video Included in TransCultural Exchange’s “Hello World” project. See here under “sound” Radio Broadcast BBC Radio 3 (UK) – Late Junction, 11pm, 30 August 2018. Co-Op Radio 100.5FM (Vancouver, Canada) – Soundscapes, 9pm, 4 July 2018. Fresh Art International (US) – Podcasts on multi-platforms, 10am, 25 July,

Eurydice (2017/2019)

In collaboration with Centre de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne Premiered in Castle of Cerisy, Normandy, France on 17 May, 2018 during the International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy. Screened on 7-14 October, 2018 at Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània, Valencia, Spain during the 5th Encuentro internacional de video-danza y video-performance.

Project: Abstract Picasso – Crying Woman (2019)

videoart for all Programme Notes Dots and lines are often regarded as the most important element to drawing. When this idea is applied to language, we can imagine how words are broken into syllables, or even into smaller fragments. This work attempts to recreate Picasso’s Crying Woman in a more

City Beats (2019)

for harpsichord, electronics and video Premiered by Kawai Chan, harpsichord at Recital Hall, Hong Kong Baptist University on 5 April, 2019 during “The Keyboard of the 21st Century” conference. Awarded winner of “Best Music Video” in Eurasia International Monthly film Festival, Moscow, Russia (April, 2019) Official selection of “Music Video”

《萬里》Miles Upon Miles (2018)

For amplified violin and electronics Purchase here. Premiered by Patrick Yim in Hong Kong History Museum, 28 January, 2018. Perform by Patrick Yim and Austin Yip in Playhouse, Abrons Art Center, New York, 18 July, 2018 during New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. Perform by Patrick Yim on 21 September, 2018

Resonance from the Parallel (2011)

Electroacoustic First broadcast in Ciné lab, Athens, GA on 5 October 2011 during 6×6 Media Arts Events, 6×6 Series III, “Tresor Trové: Lost and Found, Flotsom and Jetsam”. Broadcasted in Zhi-yin Theatre, National Taiwan Normal University on 3 December 2011 during WOCMAT 2011. Broadcasted in Pokret-Zyuk, Muzej Pokreta (Croatia) since 26

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