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《這邊有風,那邊有樹,它們卻不相遇》Here is Wind, There is Tree, But They Never Meet (2020)

for 36-reed Sheng, Pipa and Guzheng Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild Programme Notes Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild, “Here is Wind, There is Tree, But They Never Meet” was written during the pandemic in summer 2020. One day I was gazing out of my room’s window, looking at

《虛空之下》Underneath//Emptiness (2020)

for clarinet, violin, cello, piano, electronics and video Programme Notes Commissioned by Unheard-of//Ensemble, “Underneath//Emptiness” is inspired by the sound heard in Hong Kong MTR/ New York Subway trains and stations, two of the world’s busiest underground transit system. I have always been fond of sounds heard underground, perhaps it was

《維多利印象》Victoria Impression (2018)

for timpani, percussion and string quartet Premiered during Toolbox International Creative Academy by TICA faculty on 11 January, 2019 at Y-Square. Programme Notes “Victoria Impression” is inspired by a poem of Hong Kong poet Yesi, which depicts the scenery of the Victoria Harbour, a landmark in Hong Kong. “Victoria Impression”

《霸王》String Quartet No.4 Plus: Emperor (2016)

for harmonica and string quartet Premiered by Harry Choi and Romer String Quartet on 2 September, 2019 at Tai Kwun, Hong Kong.

《古都》Koto (2019)

For alto sax, two guitars and left hand piano Commissioned by Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble in 2019 Premiere by Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble on 10 August, 2019 at Kyoto Art Centre, Japan. (1pm, 1630pm) see here Tadayoshi Kusakabe, Alto Saxophone Shibata Takaaki, Kosuke Hashizume, Guitar Keisuke Arima, Left Hand Piano Kanako Shioji,

第一馬林巴琴協奏曲《路》Marimba Concerto No.1: Road Business (2019)

for marimba and percussion quintet (or piano) Marimba Concerto No.1: Road Business, premiered by Jack Van Geem and Toolbox Percussion on 1 June 2019 at Fort Mason Centre, San Francisco, US during the San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF) Performed by Jack van Geem and Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble on

《終止失控》Halt Fail (2018)

For saxophone quartet Purchase here. Performed by Opus a la Carte Collective on 6 July, 2018 in Sheung Wan Civic Centre. Performed by Opus a la Carte Collective on 11 August, 2018 in Lee Foundation Theatre, Singapore. ibid. 12 August, 2018. Yip, H. K. A. Halt Fail for saxophone quartet. Rijswijk, The

《窗前恍惚》Zerstreutes Hinausschaun (2017)

for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and orchestra (or piano) premiered by Timothy Sun, Hugo Loi and Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra in Macau Cultural Centre, 1 January, 2018. Purchase here Programme Notes The work “Zerstreutes Hinausschaun” (Absent-minded Window-gazing), written for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and orchestra (or piano), is inspired by

《裊雄說》The Emperor’s Soliloquy (2017)

for alto saxophone and guitar The Emperor’s Soliloquy, for alto saxophone and guitar, premiered by Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble (Japan) in Kyoto Art Center, 12 February, 2018.

Urban Construction (2017)

Urban Construction, for 2 vibraphones, 2 marimba and a dancer, Amphitheatre, HKAPA, presented by Toolbox Percussion, 8 October, 2017. Performed by Toolbox Percussion on 23, 24 November, 2018 at Theatre, Asia Culture Center (Gwangju, Korea). Purchase here Programme Notes Inspired by Kafka’s short story “On the Tram”, “Urban Construction” depicts the

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