Resonantia (2012)

For tam-tam, paigu, Chinese big drum and timpani

Commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival

  • Premiered by Louis Siu, Chau Chin Tung, Rieko Koyama and Vicky Shin  in HKAPA Amphitheatre on 1 March 2012 during the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2012.

Programme Notes

Traditional percussion music deals with the linearity of notes and rhythm in time. Resonance lives through vibration of the instruments.

This piece aims to create a unique sonic dimension, which is sometimes lost in percussion music, using intricate rhythm and combination of diverse instruments.

More importantly, it is a piece to examine the extra facet of “resonance” that all great music possesses: “resonance” amongst the musicians, the rapport if you like, which is necessary to drive great music forward. 

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