Resonance from the Parallel (2011)



  • First broadcast in Ciné lab, Athens, GA on 5 October 2011 during 6×6 Media Arts Events, 6×6 Series III, “Tresor Trové: Lost and Found, Flotsom and Jetsam”.

  • Broadcasted in Zhi-yin Theatre, National Taiwan Normal University on 3 December 2011 during WOCMAT 2011.
  • Broadcasted in Pokret-Zyuk, Muzej Pokreta (Croatia) since 26 June 2012 in “Movement Museum – Move Your Musea!”.
  • Broadcasted in Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona, Italy from 15-30 September 2012 during Sguardi Sonori 2012.

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