String Quartet No.5: Time Motor (2017)


  • String Quartet No.5: Time Motor, for string quartet, performed by Mivos Quartet, 8 July, 2017, Auditorio del Conservatorio Superior “Joaquín Rodrigo”, Valencia, Spain.
  • Performed by Mivos Quartet in CCOM Concert Hall, 23 May, 2018 during ISCM World New Music Days.

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Programme Notes

“Time Motor” is inspired by the concept of time perception, which refers to the subjective experience of time. Time could be frozen, or could pass by very quickly—it all depends on the listener’s perception.

Commissioned by the VIPA Festival for the Mivos Quartet




“This subtly gripping piece from Deleuze was matched by Hong Kong composer Austin Yip’s raucously invigorating work, String Quartet No. 5: Time Motor. Here, the younger
composer, caught the energetic thrust of the Hong Kong city-scape in motoring minimalist rhythms that would suddenly via sideways into pressured gutsy bowing sounds almost like the vitality of the rich Cantonese language tonal variations. The
Mivos sound was one of muscular strength that unfolded the long-scale logic of the contrasting energies—one spiritual in nature and the other visceral in emphasis.
Both of these pieces were resonances of East Asian gardens in inspiration—Japan
and Hong Kong—and strongly envisioned as long-scale structures by the Mivos.”

–Bruce Crossman, “Confucian Lateral Thinking and Daoist Flow in the Sonic Fire Gardens of Beijing–ISCM World New Music Days/Beijing Modern Music Festival 2018, 19-26 May”, ISCM World New Music Magazine 2018, Volume 28

“The programming was admirably diverse, and embraced a wide range of styles, genres,
ensembles, and artistic approaches. Some of the concerts, performers, and pieces that I
found the most memorable were:

The Mivos Quartet’s uniformly excellent performance – I particularly enjoyed the dynamic contrasts in String Quartet No. 5: Time Motor by Ho Kwen Austin Yip
(China Hong Kong).”

–Stephen Lias, “Sprawling, Diverse, and Often Overwhelming–A Report on the 2018 ISCM World Music Days (Beijing, China), ISCM World New Music Magazine 2018, Volume 28

Live recording at VIPA

Live recording at ISCM World New Music Days 2018 – Beijing


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