Violin Concerto No.1: Generation 第一小提琴協奏曲《代》(2019)

violin concerto generation

for violin and symphonic band (or piano)

  • Violin Concerto No.1: Generation, premiered by Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra and Patrick Yim on 26 May, 2019 at Jockey Club Auditorium, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • violin and piano version, premiered by Patrick Yim and Linda Yim on 8 November, 2019 at AC Hall, HKBU.

Programme Notes

Violin Concerto No.1: Generation is written for violin and symphonic band. The three movements work, bounded by a short “Prologue” and an “Epilogue”, depicts people of the Generation Z, Y and X in Hong Kong respectively. The first movement “Generation Z” is gloomy in nature, it depicts the difficult situations young people have at the moment. It is followed by a very busy second movement “Generation Y”, who are now at their thirties, working day and night for survival. The third movement “Generation X” has a mixture of moods, it begins and ends with quotations from the famous Cantonese opera Dainuifa, reminding the composer’s childhood memory of his parent’s  musical interest. All the movements are played without pause. Sometimes, an optional cadenza is played before the “Epilogue”. Violin Concerto No.1: Generation is co-commissioned by Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra and violinist Dr. Patrick Yim.


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