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Urban Construction (2017)

Urban Construction, for 2 vibraphones, 2 marimba and a dancer, Amphitheatre, HKAPA, presented by Toolbox Percussion, 8 October, 2017. Performed by Toolbox Percussion on 23, 24 November, 2018 at Theatre, Asia Culture Center (Gwangju, Korea). Purchase here Programme Notes Inspired by Kafka’s short story “On the Tram”, “Urban Construction” depicts the

《鷹眼》Wind Quintet No.1: Eagle Eyes (2016)

For wind quintet – flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, horn and bassoon Premiered in Auditorium, Maggagno, Italy on 10 July, 2016 (simplified version) Performed by Mirna Ackers, Helmke Jansen, Jelmer de Moed, Banri Hoshi and Joseph Betts in Leeuwenbergh Church, Utrecht, Netherlands on 2 October, 2016 during the Alba Rosa

String Quartet No.5: Time Motor (2017)

String Quartet No.5: Time Motor, for string quartet, performed by Mivos Quartet, 8 July, 2017, Auditorio del Conservatorio Superior “Joaquín Rodrigo”, Valencia, Spain. Performed by Mivos Quartet in CCOM Concert Hall, 23 May, 2018 during ISCM World New Music Days. Purchase here Programme Notes “Time Motor” is inspired by the

《為》String Quartet No.1: BE (2015)

For string quartet Premiered in Kaohsiung City Music Hall on 7 May, 2015. Performed by Lee Shi Mei, Siew Yi Li, Jonathan Lee and Dylan Lee in Recital Theatre, The Esplanade on  8 December, 2015 during 1st Singapore Asian Composers Festival. Performed in Vietnam National Academy of Music, Vietnam on

《合》Fuse (2016)

For erhu, harmonica and harp Commissioned by Yao Yue Chinese Music Association Premiered by Gordon Lee, Alex Lee and Isis Chao in JCCAC Black Box Theatre on 10 April, 2016. Programme Notes 為口琴、二胡及豎琴創作,是一個很大的挑戰。因為雖然已屆二十一世紀,但如此組合還是不常看到(或者根本未曾出現過),所以在樂樂國樂團委約之初,腦海裡根本沒有浮現任何聲響。後來,在創作過程中,考慮到既然各自的特色如此明顯,倒不如就把它們混合使用,例如以豎琴演奏具東方色彩的前奏、以二胡演奏西方古典音樂的音階、及運用口琴能吹奏和弦的特性,將三件樂器融為一體。這種將多元文化結合在一起的創作手法,正如作曲家所處的香港一樣,和而不同。

《縫》Interstice (2015)

For string quartet Purchase here Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers Guild Premiered by RTHK String Quartet in Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity on 14 January, 2016. Performed by Cong Quartet in Concert Hall, HKAPA, 17 August, 2018. Programme Notes Can you see it through the interstice?

《汐》Tide (2015)

For Chinese ensemble Commissioned by Dio Music Group Premiered by the Dio Music Group in Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Recital Hall on 9 January, 2016.

《疆》String Quartet No.2: Territory (2015)

For string quartet Purchase here Premiered by Mark Hui, Jonathan Yuen, Chris Choi and Joe Chan in Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 30 October, 2015. Finalist of 2nd Biennial I Creation/ Mivos Quartet Prize for Chinese Composers, 2015 Programme Notes The Chinese character, “jiang” (疆), literally means a

《箋》Letters: 5 Miniatures for Nine Saxophone (2015)

For sopranino, 2 soprano, 2 alto, 2 tenor and 2 baritone saxophones Commissioned by the Hong Kong Saxophone Ensemble Premiered by Hong Kong Saxophone Ensemble in Salle de la Bourse, France on 11 July, 2015 during 17th World Saxophone Congress and Festival, Strasbourg, France.

《凝》Concrete (2015)

For alto saxophone and piano Premiered by Wong Tak Chiu and Marie Stoecklé in Cité de la musique et de la danse – Salle 23, France on 10 July, 2015 during 17th World Saxophone Congress and Festival, Strasbourg, France. Programme Notes The place where a composer lives often affect what

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