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《出入》Entrance/Exit (2015)

For string quartet Commissioned by InTuition Premiered by Romer String Quartet in Hong Kong City Hall Theatre on 5 July, 2015. Programme Notes 《出入》為弦樂四重奏而寫。樂曲采用拱橋式結構,在開端時以層遞方式展現弦樂的泛音可能性,並透過此「入口」把聽眾帶進一個探索音色的領域。樂曲中段會出現一段「全音程」旋律,並由演奏家根據指示,去把這段旋律拆解、分割、重組,並在樂器與樂器之間作交流及對答。樂曲最後回歸平靜,猶如「出口」一般把聽眾帶回現實世界。

《迴》Resonance from the Unreachable End (2013)

For Chinese ensemble Performed by the Chai Found Music Workshop in National Center for Traditional Arts, Taiwan on 20 July 2013. Performed by Chai Found Music Workshop in Chai Found 101 Hall, Taipei on 2 November 2013. Performed by Chai Found Music Group in Chai Found 101 Concert Hall on

《海底奇緣》Under the Sea (2014)

For chamber ensemble Commissioned by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble Premiered by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble in Shek Kip Mei Community Hall on 12 October, 2014.

《半島》Peninsula (2014)

For saxophone octet Commissioned by Amigo Saxophone Collective Premiered by the Amigo Saxophone Collective in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore on 20 July, 2014 during Singapore Saxophone Symposium 2014. Programme Notes Perhaps Charles Dickens’ famous line, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” best

《日夜》Day and Night (2014)

For guzheng trio Commissioned by Fourth Phase Zheng Club (Taiwan) Premiered by Fourth Phase Zheng Club in Recital Hall, National Theatre, Taiwan on 17 May, 2014. Programme Notes 誠蒙四象箏樂團為台北建城130週年委約創作一首為三把古箏的新曲,我特意於去年年底到台北跨年,順道感受台北的風土人情與節日氣氛。此曲描繪在台北一天的日與夜,從早上人流稀疏的街道,慢慢延伸至下午川流不息的人群,同時體驗台北簡樸與繁華的風貌。

《靜吟》The Unspoken Chant (2012)

For alto saxophone and piano Performed by Timothy Sun and Jacqueline Leung in Amphitheater of the Taipa House-Museum, Macau on 29 September 2012. Performed by Timothy Sun and Jacqueline Leung in Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore on 10 September 2012. Performed by Au Yin Tak and Able Au in ShenZhen Concert

《東韻》Resonance from the Far East (2011)

For violin and piano Commissioned by HellHOT! New Music Festival Premiered in Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Theatre by Opus Two (US) on 4 August 2011 during HellHOT! New Music Festival 2011. Performed in USC School of Music Recital Hall by Opus Two (US) on 17 September 2011. Performed by Ara

Resonantia (2012)

For tam-tam, paigu, Chinese big drum and timpani Commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival Premiered by Louis Siu, Chau Chin Tung, Rieko Koyama and Vicky Shin  in HKAPA Amphitheatre on 1 March 2012 during the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2012. Programme Notes Traditional percussion music deals with the linearity of

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